Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Rivka Rosenberg: Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader 

Vanessa Kyprios: Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader & Teaching and Learning Leader

Lyndsey Jefford: Assistant Headteacher, Pastoral and Wellbeing Leader 

Victoria Walters: School Business Manager

Upper Key Stage 2: Phase Leader - Kathryn Farrelly 

Year 6 Team

Jonny Adams: Year 6 Teacher, Computing Leader

Kathryn Farrelly: Year 6 Teacher, Upper KS2 Phase Leader, English Leader

Jenelle Spio-Garbrah: Year 6 Support Team

Dominic Roszkowski, Year 6 Support Team

Year 5 Team

Annabelle Kleywegt: Year 5 Teacher, Science Leader

Andrew Gilyead : Year 5 Teacher 

Shannon Batty: Year 5 Support Team

Marina Destefanis: Year 5 Support Team

Andreea Grigorescu: Year 5 Support Team

Jenelle Spio-Garbrah: Year 5 Support Team

Lower Key Stage 2: Phase Leader - Dominic Stevens

Year 4 Team

Dominic Stevens: Year 4 Teacher, Lower KS2 Phase Leader

Leyla Leondis: Year 4 Teacher 

Rebecca Carter: Year 4 Teacher (Maternity Leave) 

Clare Hyder: Year 4 Support Team

Jenelle Spio-Garbrah: Year 4 Support Team

Year 3 Team

Sophie Walker: Year 3 Teacher 

Augusta Nation: Year 3 Teacher

Marina Destefanis: Year 3 Support Team

Jenelle Spio-Garbrah: Year 3 Support Team

Key Stage 1: Phase Leader - Lyndsey Jefford 

Year 2 Team

Robyn Hastings - Year 2 Teacher

Lily Pang- Year 2 Teacher

Lyndsey Jefford - Year 2 Teacher 

Janice Al-Ramah: Year 1 Support Team

Year 1 Team

Tianna Charles: Year 1 Teacher

Yasmine Valentine: Year 1 Teacher

Nurat Jaji: Year 1 Support Team

Mariam Bassily: Year 1 Support Team

Early Year Phase Leader - Nicola Piddington

Reception Team Foundation Stage: 

Nicola Piddington: Reception Teacher, Foundation Stage Leader

Ross Hillitt: Reception Teacher

Nicola Williams: Early Years Practitioner

Karen Hailston: Early Years Practitioner

Nursery Team

Cristina Eizaguirre Hurban: Nursery Teacher

Debbie Baker: Early Years Practitioner

 Tina Hobbs: Early Years Practitioner

Clare Hyder: Learning Support Assistant 

Specialists Teaching Team

Hannah Darkin: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO)

Phoebe Coulson: Specialist Art Teacher

Grace Watkins: Specialist Music Teacher

Vernon Neve-Dunn: Specialist PE Teacher

Michael Aziaya: Learning Mentor

Administrative & Premises Team

Jacqueline Hamm: Administration Manager

Elizabeth Cameron-Cooper: Administration Officer

Julie Child: Receptionist

David Piddington: Premises Officer

Midday Meals Team

Nicola Eldred

Vicki Good

Matilda Obeng

Tracey Webb

Mental Health First Aider

Lyndsey Jefford