RSHE Parent Consultation

At Heber, we are consulting parents about the RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) Curriculum and Policy which have been updated to be in line with the government’s statutory guidelines. The government has recently made changes to what primary schools must teach for RSHE, and we have ensured we are meeting these requirements.

We have been teaching RSHE through the SCARF Coram Life Education Teaching Resources and the Christopher Winter Project (CWP) Scheme of Work for many years. We teach these schemes of work in conjunction with each other and our RSHE curriculum is a spiral curriculum. This means we are fully prepared for these changes, as we have been meeting the statutory expectation for the teaching of RSHE before it became mandatory.

We are sharing this policy and our curriculum so that you are aware of the changes that have been made and how RSHE is taught at Heber. The RSHE Policy is in draft form and has been updated with all the RSHE lesson objectives covered for each year group. We would like your feedback on the policy and on the curriculum that we will be teaching.

To help you with this we have:

  • Made a short video which you can view below on these changes and explaining what we would like your feedback on.
  • Made all documents available to download below.
  • Provided further reading materials on the subject.

We would like to invite parents to watch the video and read the policy during the RSHE consultation period which starts on Monday 29th March and closes on Friday 30th April. If you would like to give us feedback about the policy and curriculum, please email the school office at with any thoughts or suggestions.

RSHE Video: Click here 

RSHE Draft Policy: Click here

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