Heber Strikes Gold – TfL STARS Award

Report by Lucas (Year 4)

On Tuesday, I went to the Oval cricket ground with Amirah and Miss Bassett to pick up a TFL Stars gold award for Heber. We hopped on a 185 bus when we left school. It took half an hour to get to the cricket ground.

Once we settled in we played some fun educational games, my personal favourite was when we were shown pictures of people cycling and crossing roads and we had to say whether they were doing it safely or not. Me and Amirah headed off to a game which you had to identify road signs that were broken up into pieces and explain what they meant. Each of us had our snack with some very fancy apple juice.

Eventually we were given our gold certificate – the highest award – and had our photos taken. We were one of only a few schools in the community to be awarded gold and last year we got bronze, so I was extremely proud of my school for achieving so much.