We had an influx of explorers and discoverers at Heber week as children and staff fully embraced our STEM Week. Children were left wondering who all the inspiring scientists, explorers and inventors were on the blue plaques around the school as they also spent the week trying to make their own discoveries through Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering activities. Each year group has written something about their week to give you an insight into some of the activities that went across the school.


Reception’s STEM week started with a very exciting trip to the Science Museum. The children started by visiting the Space exhibit before attending a workshop called ‘Destination Space’ where they explored different energies, materials and the effects of gravity. Throughout the rest of the week the children have had a range of activities to explore including, designing paper aeroplanes, using bamboo guttering and stands to make the best path for water, creating their own air powered rockets and they had to solve a sharing and halving problem using moon rocks! Oh and not to forget the salt crystals that are forming in our classrooms. We have loved STEM week!

Year 1

Year 1 discovered how to make Playdoh by mixing together certain ingredients. We then learned how Noah Mckiver had accidentally discovered Playdoh after he saw children making shapes with his wallpaper cleaner. We did some research into him and his discovery and we made notes which we then turned into posters about him.

We also carried out a Maths investigation to see if we could dress Action Man in a different outfit every day for a week with 3 different T’shirts and 3 different pairs of shorts. We found out that we could!

Year 2

Year 2 have had an amazing STEM week and really enjoyed looking at the subjects in a variety of contexts. In maths we have been investigating shape and how architects use shapes to create strong, striking buildings. This led to both classes competing to build the strongest structures out of spaghetti. The children loved collaborating with Year 4 to make the tallest newspaper tower. In science we looked at famous scientists, including Stephanie Kwolek. The children researched and discussed what personal qualities led the scientists to develop such remarkable scientific achievements and discoveries.

Year 3

This week Year 3 were visited by a psychologist and found out about how they study the mind. We had fun collaborating with Year 5 in an investigation called ‘Rocket Mice’. This involved discovering how different variables affected the distance the mouse travelled when launched from their bottles. Year 3 researched the work of Ann Daniels, who is a polar explorer – and inspired by her work, we wrote a biography about her. In topic, we found out that the Ancient Greeks were the first to discover magnetism and we retold the story of Magnes through a story board. Throughout this week, we became marvellous mathematicians and carried out lots of investigations developing our reasoning skills.

Year 4

We have loved STEM Week in Year 4! At the beginning of the week, we went to the London Wetlands Centre to learn about animals and their habitats; water. We went pond dipping and found some rather interesting minibeasts – greater water boatman, caddis fly larvae, water mites and many more. Continuing with our watery theme, we learnt about Dr John Snow (who was responsible for preventing the spread of Cholera in Victorian England) and became scientists for Heber Water Company, investigating the quality of water from different sources so that we could provide our customers with the cleanest water. In Maths, we started off with a delicious fractions problem which involved doughnuts and cakes and sharing them equally. It was tricky to work out at first but we used our problem solving skills and got to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Year 5

Wow! What an amazing week we have had in Year 5! Some parents and adults who have careers in STEM subjects came to visit. We got to meet civil engineers, a computer programmer, a doctor, a nutritionist, cosmetologist and an economist. All their jobs sounded so much fun! We have been practicing our reasoning skills in Maths and solved a tricky problem with a doughnut. Do you know how to cut a doughnut into 8 equal pieces with 3 slices? We do!

In Science we have been investigating rockets. We worked together with Year 3 to blast off ‘Rocket Mice’, and investigated the variables. We then created a chemical reaction using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in class. Unfortunately, we weren’t the greatest launch technicians; we tended to panic once the bicarbonate and vinegar began to fizz! (Apologies for coming home stinking of vinegar.)

Year 6

Year 6 have had a brilliant visit from mathematician, Rob Eastaway. Mr Eastaway dazzled the children with his Maths magic tricks and puzzles and left us wanting to try the tricks out on any willing victims! In our World War Two topic, we had to put our observation skills to the test as we tried to work out the ‘mystery of House Number 37;’ a house that was destroyed during an air raid but wasn’t hit by bombs. Using clues that were found at the crime scene, (a photograph, letter, broken glass and a clear, colourless liquid) we had to gather evidence, make deductions and write a report theorising what we thought had happened and why. Year 6 also developed their leadership and engineering skills as they teamed up with Nursery, Reception and Year 1 to complete a building challenge!!