Sydenham School vs Heber – Tag Rugby by Mr Neve-Dunn

It seemed crazy to challenge the girls rugby club at a local secondary school. However, our children are never daunted and were keen to play against Sydenham School in Forest Hill.

Being escorted through the enormous school under the gaze of many teenage students would have unsettled most primary aged teams. However, the Heber players oozed confidence.

For his prematch team talk Mr Neve-Dunn waffled on about a ‘good littlun’ being better than a good big-un’ in tag rugby because you have to bend down to get the tags. It is easier to tag a big person.

The Sydenham Year 7 and 8 girls were very welcoming, probably feeling a bit sorry for the primary school. However soon it became apparent that the little visitors from Heber were able to run between them and around them. It was a close match, but the superior team work and passing of the Heber team made the difference. Final score 14-12 to Heber!

After the match we shared biscuits and fruit with the Sydenham girls and then had a brief tour of the school from the Head of PE.

It’s a good school, although they need to develop their rugby. I should know my daughter goes there!

Well done: Isaam, Oli, Polly, Laurie, Annabel, Sean, Maddie, Imogen, Demi, Josephine, Isabelle, Arif and Amirah