Year 4 – Music and Art at DPG

DPG Lunchtime Music Series – by Mr Treen

It’s always nice to go to the park, I think we can all agree. It’s not necessarily the most musical place however. But what if there was a concert on? Well, that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday with Year 4.

Dulwich Picture Gallery, as part of their lunchtime concert series, welcomed Heber to their beautiful chapel to experience a music performance from the local secondary school children. Quartets, trios and duets play short classical pieces as our children sat spellbound by the quality of the musicianship from these still so young. We were all inspired by their efforts, and we gave a heartfelt round of applause to show our appreciation. Our hosts at Dulwich picture gallery even asked us to describe our instrumental learning at the end! They were friendly, helpful and welcoming. We can’t wait to return!

DPG Guided Tour by Mr Worobec

The two Year 4 classes went to Dulwich Picture Gallery on Wednesday. We enjoyed a lovely Spring walk across the park which was a welcome break from the recent chill and snow. Mr Treen escorted 4P to a music recital whilst Mr Worobec took the artists of 4D to a grand and informative tour of some stunning paintings in the collection. A member of the gallery staff opened our eyes to the ideas and meanings of a selection of artists work. Adam Pynacker’s ‘Landscape with Sportsman, was our first encounter. We learnt why the leaves in the foreground are now blue and not green and the meaning of a Genre painting. We then studied the Nicolas Poussin, ‘The Triumph of David’, a grim tale of felling a giant. We rounded off our visit with a painting by the English artist, Thomas Gainsborough and his work ‘Mrs Elizabeth Moody and her sons’, a sad tale of a Mother and her young children. After our tour, we joined 4P and had time to share our different experiences. A fantastic afternoon was had by all!